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Thursday, 21 May 2015

A Wedding in Tigressland

I had just finished volunteering
At the Save the Children Shop
I’d had a busy day
And I felt like I could drop

So I drove home to my beloved
Who is off on R & R
Singing along to whatever the hell
Was playing in the car

I was greeted at the door
With a goofy grin and wine
He’d cooked us up some dinner
And I couldn’t wait for mine

Now the Kevman has always dazzled me
With his affection and his charm
So I didn’t find it unusual
When he gently took my arm.

He hugged me and he held me
Cuddled up and smiled
He has the type of cheeky grin
That always drives me wild

He looked at me like I amazed him
(Which I like to think I do)
But it’s nice to have it re-enforced
By a loving glance or two

Then he reached into his pocket
His hand emerged with a small box
The kind that makes your heart go thump
And carries shiny, sparkly rocks.

I looked at him, and he at me
You all know the next part
“Will you marry me?” He said
His voice presenting me his heart.

Now you may be thinking
There wasn’t much ceremony there
But that’s just how we roll
And I really didn’t care

He wanted to surprise me
But I’m a pretty good detective
So this was his best option
It was anything but defective

I looked at the ring and thought
Holy shit that’s a decent size!
He’d definitely gone all out this time
I couldn’t believe my eyes.

But if I was to wear such a thing
It would mean I was getting married
My brain was still calming down
From a day all rushed and harried.

I looked back at him and realized though
There was nowhere else I’d rather be
Than in his arms for the rest of everything
So I said “Yes” immediately.

It’s been a fun few days since then
Telling family and friends
Messages and Facebook posts
The excitement never ends

But the Gypsy Niece was curious
How did this all go down?
The Kevman filled her in
And she spluttered with a frown

Who the hell proposes
On an average Tuesday night
In Ugg boots and a sweatshirt?
I just feel this just ain’t right.

But then she saw our goopy faces
And seemed to say “Ah f**k it....
You guys have always made me wanna puke
Into a plastic bucket.”

So the next eighteen months or so
Will be a hive-like planning central
By the end of the whole shebang
I’ll probably be driven mental

And along the way there’ll be a hen’s night
A buck’s do and perhaps a bridal shower
Those that make you scared
Of what’s going to happen hour by hour

But it should be fun I'm guessing
All this hilarity and mirth
As I lead up to marrying
My one love on this Earth

Ahh, I really should be going now
So I must end my little rhyme
I’m off with my fiancé
To spend a little time <3



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