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Friday, 25 January 2013

What? When? Huh...o.0?

My child just turned 17.

I don't recall giving my permission for this.

Last thing I remember, she was still getting her shoes on the wrong feet and discovering the joys Play Doh. Sometimes both at once.

What the hell happened in the 13 odd years since then!

Mind you, there was that bit where she went to school...that took up some time. Then there was that bit where she stopped going to school....that took one day.

Then there was the bit where she discovered boys. Her father and I were kinda hoping she would hold off till about 25 for that one, but, it was not too be.

And there was also the bit where she discovered every hair modification product known to humankind. Along with tattoos, piercings, spiky shoes and the stretching of ears.

Yeah, ok, that's starting to jog the memory.

But it's been mostly fun all up. The advantage of co-parenting from different houses, I have found, is that when one's adolescent becomes.....challenging, you can always say: "sod off and visit your father". I figure I can't have been too revolting to live with though...she always came back!

Now I'm not going to say we are out of the woods yet, but so far she is not pregnant, addicted to any substance, or affiliated with any criminal organisation. This, I think, is worth celebrating. As is the fact she is fervently studying hairdressing at the moment and doing a damn fine job of it I must say....well on her way to qualified employment

I reckon that's a fair trade for letting the kid have earlobes she could now poke ping pong balls through.

Happy Birthday my baby girl :) xoxo