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Monday, 25 June 2012

Major...I want to speak to the General

I'm rather broken at the moment.

And I don't use the term lightly

Apparently, however, it's supposed to get better.

When the almighty hospital people said that having a central component of my reproductive equipment removed was going to be major surgery, they weren't kidding. And two weeks into the recovery I'm starting to think I seriously underestimated the term 'major'!

Now don't get me wrong here...I sat on my ass like a good girl in that hospital (like I had a choice hooked up to a catheter and a morphine drip!)...and when I got home...I didn't move much more. But fluffing around in ones abdominal area it seems has all sorts of repercussions that are decidedly unpleasant...and the effects of taking 19 pain-killers a day ain't exactly a waltz in the park either.

Suffice to say, I haven't quite reached the 'grateful for the marvels of modern medicine' stage just yet.  

I have however developed a whole new respect for how clever my body can be.

Case in point: sneezing. My body would not let me sneeze...well until yesterday. If I tried to sneeze previous to this. it would break it into two much smaller sneezes...very odd...and wholly unsatisfying; but when the alternative means possibly undoing all the nice surgeon's handy-work, I guess I can dispense with the sneezegasms.

And stretching was another wasn't until this morning when I woke up that I realized I hadn't had the urge to stretch and yawn for two weeks!

The body is a funny thing....clever, but funny.

On the whole, however, I can't bitch (well I CAN...but I'll be good and not). Although I cannot drive or lift over 3kgs for another four weeks....I can read books, listen to music, watch movies, be a passenger, text message, talk on the phone, do crafty things, pat a cat, do a jigsaw puzzle, and last but not least... play on Facebook!

Not that I do that much of course...*cough*

(Oh crap, that's right....It hurts to cough as well! >.<)


Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Eye Of The Lion...wait, what?

Well haven't I been a quiet little Tigress!

In my defence though, I have also been been a busy little Tigress (surgeries and such), and regrettably have the type of personal life that makes Day Of Our Lives seem like a perfectly plausible chain of events.

But in the greater scheme of things I do believe it's all settling down. The racket of all the doors closing and new ones opening has been a little deafening but nothing a good hearing aid won't fix, and I am ready to embrace new things, especially if he's cute...

but I digress...

It is important to remember, I feel, that when one comes into a busy spell in ones life one cannot forget one's stripy little responsibilities. I have offspring as some of you know but I also (at time of onset of chaos) had a few thousand followers on my Facebook page, who, I knew, were starting to wonder where the hell I had got to.

It was obvious I needed back up....but The Musings Of A Tigress is just that! The Musings of can someone else help with that?? To put a co-admin on the page would invariably mean letting someone else represent, at least to a certain degree, what was in my head (a scary proposition if ever there was one O.O)

And it's not like I could just add any old random off the street....I had to think this through....much research had to be done! Pedigrees needed to be analysed! Police records needed to be checked!

There was much flailing of paws and gnashing of fangs let me tell you!! 

It was quite the stressful situation.

Or perhaps not.

Frequently in life, I have discovered, karma will simply bring you what you need if you are paying enough attention to notice it, And this was the case here. Enter random 'like' whom I ended up having a number of interesting conversations with....about everything from Denis Leary to stars to lions to 'special someones'. And thus it all rather fell into place.

Ok, hold up.....I confess, I stalked the crap out of his thousands of pictures for content and response (and his response to responses) and THEN it all rather fell into place. It all of a sudden became obvious, there could be only one female entity on the page...the other had to be a contrast, but compatible. A counterpoint if you like. Tigress was my baby...I wanted someone who would respect what I had built and nurture it as I would but still stand apart as a unique identity. And he also had to 'fit' somehow....Thus Lion Eyes came into Tigressland.

And he's done a pretty damn good job too I must say; representing my Leonine half! The figures are way up...the people are happy and while anyone who knows me knows I am not the most feminine of creatures, it is still rather nice having a masculine presence round the place. The fur on the couch is ridiculous but he cooks bless him! Would be nicer if he wasn't completely on the other side of the bloody planet so I could TASTE IT! But he cooks :)

It's going well.

I'm a happy little Tigress :)